Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

To most, winter provokes images such as snowmen, open fires, and cozy nights in. If you’re a senior in home care in Potomac MD, however, you’d be forgiven for associating winter with one thing only: the cold weather. That’s because the drop in temperatures can have an adverse effect on a senior s health in more Continue reading Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Fighting Off Seasonal Depression Through Hobbies

One of the worst parts of the winter season for many of us is the colder temperatures and less daylight during the day. For a couple of months out of the year, our surroundings are just a bit too cold and a bit too dark to keep positive. That’s why something called seasonal depression starts Continue reading Fighting Off Seasonal Depression Through Hobbies

Healthy and Practical Tips for Safe Hiking with Senior Adults

Seniors don t have to spend their golden years cooped up in their homes.  Walking is the best exercise there is for a variety of health reasons and seniors can raise their spirits and enjoy fresh air in the great outdoors Read more

A Senior’s Good Oral and Dental Health Boosts Overall Good Health

Half a century ago, we would expect to lose our teeth as we aged, but that s not the case for today s senior adults.  A healthy mouth and teeth not only helps you look good and comfortably eat healthy food, but Read more

Seniors Who Sing Are Healthier and Have a Higher Quality of Life, New Study Says

Seniors looking to maintain a higher quality of life may do well to take up singing, according to one recent George Washington University study published in the Music Perception journal. According to the study s findings, singing further significantly enhances the Read more