What You Need to Know About Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a condition that worries many people.  It is the most common form of dementia, but there are many misconceptions that surround the condition.  This isn’t surprising, as it is accepted by the medical community that we still have much to learn about it. As June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, we thought Continue reading What You Need to Know About Alzheimer’s

Strategies for Boosting Brain Health

Your brain is the most important part of your body.  It’s the thing that makes you, you.   This is why conditions related to dementia can be so upsetting to the sufferer and to the loved ones around them. Getting seniors to join in on activities that boost their brain health can slow down the onset Continue reading Strategies for Boosting Brain Health

Technological Advances in Digital Sound Processing Hearing Aids

The first digital hearing aids came onto the market over twenty years ago, in 1996.  Since that time, they have provided millions of people with solutions to their hearing problems. This article will briefly discuss the advancements made in hearing aid technology in recent years.  If you are a senior receiving home care in Potomac, Continue reading Technological Advances in Digital Sound Processing Hearing Aids

Six Strategies to Increase Communication with Individuals with Hearing Loss

There is a firmly established link between hearing loss and serious conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It sounds like a long stretch, but elderly people with hearing difficulties tend to naturally withdraw from conversations; this leads them to feel socially isolated, which in turn encourages the onset of these conditions.  This is why Continue reading Six Strategies to Increase Communication with Individuals with Hearing Loss

Combatting Spring Allergies

With the temperatures rising and flowers starting to bloom, spring is finally here in Maryland. While the season is genuinely a welcome sight for many after a rather cold winter, the rise in pollen levels that spring brings with it can cause havoc for those that live with allergies. Seniors who suffer from respiratory or Continue reading Combatting Spring Allergies

Dealing with Loss of Appetite in an Aging Parent – Potomac

If you have a loved one receiving home care in Potomac, chances are, you may have seen a reduction in appetite.  This is perfectly normal in elderly people and shouldn’t always be treated as a cause for concern. What is important, however, is assuring that your loved one is getting all the nutrients that are Continue reading Dealing with Loss of Appetite in an Aging Parent Potomac

What You Need to Know about Caregiving Expenses and Tax Deductions in Potomac

Deductible Medical Expenses If care expenses are more than 10% of your adjusted yearly gross income, then it is possible you are due a greater deduction on your tax bill. Most people know this is the case for medical care but are not aware it also applies to non-medical care. If you pay for in-home Continue reading What You Need to Know about Caregiving Expenses and Tax Deductions in Potomac

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

To most, winter provokes images such as snowmen, open fires, and cozy nights in. If you’re a senior in home care in Potomac MD, however, you’d be forgiven for associating winter with one thing only: the cold weather. That’s because the drop in temperatures can have an adverse effect on a senior s health in more Continue reading Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

What you Need to Know About Glaucoma

Glaucoma may be one of the biggest threats to the vision of those in home care in Potomac MD, but many still know very little about the condition. That’s perhaps not surprising considering a recent survey by the Glaucoma Research Foundation found the nearly a quarter (24%) of the United States’ adult population hasn’t visited Continue reading What you Need to Know About Glaucoma